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Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Hi Lizbeth, we here at The Dog Files are so sorry for your loss. But we are also so glad to have been able to be friends with Ingela and are honored that she let us document her passion! She so loved what she did and I think it shines through in the video!



Karen Sanz

What a shock. I just received a cross-post e-mail through the rescue organization I am associated with in Maryland about a Boston Terrier named Ziti who is in need of surgery and finding a home. My first thought was to let Ingela know to pass this information on. My friendship with Ingela started through horses when I was 11 yrs old in 1970. I have moved over the years across the country and the last time I saw Ingela was when my mother passed away and I was back in New Jersey in 2001. We reunited as if no time at all had passed, that's how Ingela was. We had a little communication since then, but I did not know she passed away or had even fallen ill. My heartfelt condolences go out to Al, as he was also part of my friendship with Ingela as I grew up. Ingela and I shared a love for horses and she took me under her wing and taught me to ride until I was 17 and went off to college. They were such beautiful years, she was a constant companion and was gracious with her time and never charged me a penny for all of the instruction she gave to me. As she was a dressage rider from Sweden, at that age, I had no idea what that was but I followed her guidance and now at the age of 50 have dedicated my life to horses and Classical Dressage. Ingela played a huge part in forming my early years as a rider. I remember 2 Boston Terriers she had back then along with 2 Dobermans and a wonderful Collie type dog named Teddy. She loved her dogs so very much and Teddy would go everywhere with us and the horses. I bought my first car from Ingela, a Volvo of course, and went to my first horse show with her. She was such a guiding light and will always be a part of me as I carry on in my horsemanship as well as my love for dogs. Thank you all for carrying on her dream and passion. She was a beautiful person and IS a beautiful soul watching down on us all. Blessings to all of you, Karen

julie stewart

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I think it's a great cause indeed. I'm sorry for your loss- her legacy will carry on.

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