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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


iChef Cinema

Thank you! Elizabeth, you are so right on! The movie actually made me ANGRY!

Awful! I’d punch Harrison Ford in the face if I saw him on the street. And I tell you what, he’d go down like a sack of flour, not like he did in the movie…

More of my review if you're interested

moneysaving mama

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Juan Carlos

I was looking for Mark Seven bag originally used in WW2 by Britians. This is same of its kind used in all Indiana Jones Movies. Finally I ordered from http://indianajonesbag.com but not sure of strap included it, it is too short. Have someone idea to find some larger size? Any suggestion will be great help.


while i am no fan of Hollywood's hackish style of doing things (the A-Team is gonna be a movie?!?!) i think maybe you are off on a couple of points.

the first being, i think you should rewatch the original Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark with your adult POV.

the movie rocks! however, Indy never losses his hat ;) even when hitching a ride on a U-boat for thousands of miles.

that was kind of the point to Indy... it was the old Cliff Hanger style of movie making. cheesiness was part of its charm. this also meant that low budget (looking) over dramatic sets were part of the formula... as well as quickly going from the pan to the fire as often and as rapidly as possible.

another minor point is that while Spielberg does get credit for starting the Summer Block Buster, he did it with Jaws first.

remember, the goal of a movie is to make the audience suspend disbelief... this means that they are going to show us a bunch of unbelievable crap.

your kids enjoyed the movie because they are not as jaded as we adults are.

go back and watch the original Indy movies and then rewatch this installment. i am sure your judgement wont be nearly as harsh ;)

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