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Friday, May 26, 2006


A Dizzle

Aww I hope you feel better. I got my wisdom teeth taken out 2 months ago(four, 2 on top, 2 on bottom). I have a strong dislike for general anesthesia(the kind that puts you to sleep) so i got a local(bunch of novacaine shots). It didn't hurt during the operation but the after pain was horrible, I got a script for Vicoden and didn't take it because of the risk of nausea. Sorry you had to find that out the hard way :(

Getting work on your teeth sucks. Hope after the last part of your root canal you never have to get anything else done in your mouth again.

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Thank you for bringing up this,actually i have to removed one of my tooth but i was thinking the procedure and i know how painful is this.


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Oh! I hate tooth ache. I feel hell when my tooth was aching.


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I'm sorry the suffering that you caused the tooth, I know the pain you cause a rash on the tooth and is not nice. I also prefer not to take medication when I'm sick, only in cases of extreme pain I do.

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