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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Wow, what an inspirational post! I'm currently investigating amino supplements for myself, and was recommended to read 'The Mood Cure'. I think I'll pick up both that and the Diet Cure . Can I ask which aminos exactly are you using?

Lizbeth Finn-Arnold

Michelle, I am currently taking the following amino acids: L-Glutamine, L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, and Gaba. I plan on taking Melatonin when I travel for sleep issues. I'm also taking 5 HTP, adrenal complex, and and Chromium.

I also just completed a treatment for Candida, which seems to have really helped with my sugar cravings.

Just remember that everyone is different and some things might not work for you. I did feel a little queasy in the beginning with the aminos, so start slow and add one at a time until you know what your system likes.


Thanks so much! I just purchased The Mood Cure last night. I've also started with 5 HTP and a thyroid supplement that contains L-tyrosine, and was eyeballing Gaba. I did a mini-Candida cleanse a few weeks ago with Oregano Oil and probiotics (which I'm staying on); I do have to go easy here because I'm still nursing a 19 month old. It's so encouraging to read about your success with lifestyle changes; I hope your sinus issues go away soon! :)

Regina Walker

Have you ever read the book "Food and Healing" by Anne Marie Colbin? Some of her thoughts may seem extreme but that book certainly changed my way of thinking.

Mark Vane

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I have been a 7-8 can and sometimes bottle of Diet Coke drinker a DAY for nearly 10 years. My health over the last two years has not been good. Extreme headaches and migraines, joint pain, jitterness, fatigue and overall just feeling like crud. People can say that sugars, arificial sweetners, caffeine and other ingredients are not addicting or bad for you, but when your body tells you something, it's time to list. I have shared my whole story on my blog, www.dietdrinkaddiction.com and how I broke that addiction in 5 days with no withdrawal symptoms at all.

Paul C. Herson

Caffeine Addiction - Caffeine Effects and Withdrawal part I

In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of caffeine addiction and the most important facts about it, as caffeine addiction is something we all must prevent in order for us to be healthy and stay that way for years. We are also going to mention some significant facts about caffeine effects and how caffeine effects may affect our body performance considerably.

Caffeine addiction is one of the most famous types of addictions in the world, just like cocaine and marihuana. Caffeine addiction sometimes has been considered a lie, but it is a really, because caffeine is a stimulant that becomes addictive within a certain period of time. Interestingly, caffeine addiction shows up when you are not expecting it, and it does not necessarily show up because we want to

Pure caffeine is, chemically speaking, a plant-based alkaloid that stimulates the central nervous system in any living creature that intakes it. Biologically, caffeine serves as a form of pest control for certain plants like cacao trees, coffee shrubs, yuba mate and tea trees; it causes insects and other pests to fall down from the effects of over-stimulation. So, just like those pests and insects that I mentioned, caffeine also produces stimulation in our central nervous system, which usually makes us feel more energized, invigorating and active.

There is something called caffeine withdrawal, which refers to the sudden denial of us to consume caffeine, and it happens when regular consumers of caffeinated products may experience painful headaches if the body is denied caffeine. These headaches are caused by excess blood gathering in the area around the brain and sinus cavities, so without the stimulation provided by caffeine, the blood vessels shrink, restricting the blood flow. The traditional cure for caffeine withdrawal is to ingest more caffeine, which is not a healthy solution and this is also why many headache medications contain small amounts of caffeine.... to be continued

You can find more info at: http://yourcaffeineaddiction.com/


Many years ago I could down a 6 pack of regular coke with no problem and still want more. I discovered I had a medical condition that among other things made me crave sugar. To this day I won't even touch a diet coke...to close to the real thing!

Food and Sugar Addiction


Amazing story. I have been diabetic for many years so I have been drinking diet soda for a long time. I remember when my mom first baught it for me, it use to be undrinkable. Now the taste is better, but you are right, it's poison. Now I drink water almost exclusivily. I want to give the amino acids a try. I got rid of my sugar cravings (by mistake) when I started a yeast infection cure diet. I will have the take a look at this program. I really need to get rid of some weight.


I found lots of useful information about treating yeast infection from this blog http://yeastinfection-treatment.net


Few tips that may encourage the development of yeast infection symptoms.

 Stay away from wearing tight clothes as it locks in moisture right next to your body which may lead to the infection.
 As soon as you have finished swimming or come in from a rainy day, remove your damp clothes as soon as possible.
 Try not to use scented feminine wipes unless absolutely necessary

Generic Zocor

Thanks for sharing the experience. It really encouraged me to start and stop a balanced diet soft drinks and alcohol. Now I feel much better health, and have even improved my physical condition.

Account Deleted

Why do I need digestive enzyme supplement?

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