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Tuesday, July 26, 2005



That is really frightening!


I stil;l have my tonsils.

I snore and have sleep apnea. I kinda wish I had them taken out when I was a kid because I hear it's much harder older.

I can imagine your would be scared about it, however.


That is pretty scary.

Something very similar happened to me -- horrific filling of the teeth followed because my dentist is just not really too reasonable ... later my eye swelled up and I called him wanting more info. about what he'd injected into me, because, I said "Clearly, I'm allergic to it." He denied that it was possible to have an allergy like that. Not that I believe him, since he's so clearly a sadist (at the 'straw that broke the camel's back' appointment a few months ago, he continued to drill and fill a cavity that was between my 2 front teeth after I'd told him I could feel it. He said that was impossible, too.), but he suggested I look into a latex allergy. Just FYI.

I've stayed away from latex *and* anesthesia since ; ).

I'm so sorry that happened though!

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