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Sunday, July 24, 2005



Go for it! Can I say I knew you when? :)

(My 9 year old daughter - and the little one by proxy - LOVES to watch Animal Planet. Compared to all the junk on kids' TV nowadays, I consider this a very very good thing.)

Hope the pup feels better!


Poor Elvis! I'm glad to hear that he'll be okay, though. That animal hospital looks better than the doctor's office I take them to. Heck, better than any office I'VE been to. So, like, did it cost more, too?


Oh no! Poor little guy!


I thought there was an animal hospital show on like the learning channel or something.


There are currently a handfull of shows on Animal Planet, [b] Running2Ks[/b] that regularly show animal rescue and hospitals -- Animal Cops, Animal Rescue, Animal Rescue...

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