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Thursday, June 30, 2005



As a veteran of 3 home sales and 4 home (and 1 land) purchases, hear hear! You rock :)


Okay, now I'm really scared of Mike! I must have been good fodder around the poker table, what with my, "What's this card called," kind of playing on New Year's Eve!?! Hey, even if I'm not great at bluffing, at least I'm an enthusiastic player, right!?!

Good for you guys, and hang in there!


Good for you for knowing your house's worth and for not calling their bluff!

Marty Johnson

Way to handle it. We're selling next year and I'm not going to take any BS either.


I get to watch this unfold everyday!

Lease Option

Sorry to here about your inspection problem.

I use to be a home inspector, but I was to slow at it to make any real money.

Of course most of the agents call us “Deal Killers”, not home inspectors.

Sounds like the buyer's inspector actually was a deal killer.

Good Luck

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