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Thursday, June 23, 2005



I know. It is so hard to be on meds. I have tried to eliminate most from my life too. Here's some hope--I have a friend on like 3 meds for anxiety, ADD, and Bi-polar disorder. She's off all of them now--turns out they diagnosed her post-partum and she has none of that stuff anymore. I was on the purple pills for a hiatal hernia--on my way to future surgery. And now, because of chiro (which I don't even do anymore), diet, and some pro-biotics/digestive enzymes (not even taken regularly anymore), I am without meds. Now if I can just get off the allergy stuff...Anyway, there is hope that when you get "balanced", you'll find out what meds are necessary, and which aren't. BTW, are you icing down after adjustments?


I agree that if you can find a non-pharmaceutical alternative, it's best. I went vegan a few years ago. No animal products whatsoever. It sounds extreme, but I found it relatively easy after a few months. And the benefits, for me, were well worth it. Got rid of headaches. Got rid of ALL allergies. I ate tons of food, including lots of pasta, but lost 25 pounds and gained tons of energy. I've gradually added back some seafood and a little dairy, but limit it to a few times a month.

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