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Saturday, May 07, 2005



The resemblance is remarkable. And totally snark worthy. I have no idea how I landed here, but you are absolutely hilarious. If it's ok with you, I will be back...

The Zero Boss

God, LizBeth, you're SO pixelated. I mean, isn't it about time you, like, went on a pixel diet? I mean, gag me. Like, maybe you can borrow some of Ashlee's anti-pixel cream, ya know?

Sydnee Bigelow

I think you head is alittle to big for your body ashlee dosent even know you so why do you think she is copying you!


For those of you retarded enough to comment here in defense of Ashlee Pimpson -- PLEASE STOP. No duh, Ashlee doesn't know me. It's a joke!! DUH. I guess you surf here because you google her stupid name and then feel you must defend her. Whatever. If you aren't old enough to drink or to have a license, you shouldn't be reading my blog to begin with. And if you get all hot and bothered over the honor Ashlee Pimpson then you 1) better be underaged or 2)developmentally delayed.

The rules here are simple. On my blog I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE so obviously everyone else (including celebrities) copy me.

Mother Dearest

now you have issues.. :D

Mother Dearest



It is bad blog etiquette to curse someone out on their own blog, asswipe. Although I feel bad pointing this out since you are either 10 years old or have the mental capacity of a four year old.


People are stupid


so you think your the only person in the whole entire planet who has that hair cut and colour?wake up and smell the peroxide!:-)


you must think a lot of yourself to think that ashlee simpson would copy your haircut. SHE DOESNT KNOW YOU!!

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