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Tuesday, July 27, 2004



This sounds really great and it should have been done long ago. I hope you really go for this. I know there is a market.

Gina B

Well, I for one can hardly wait to hear more. It sounds fantastic, and much more in tune with my own life.


Hey, I like sitcoms! Well, at least I think I do. But being in Germany they are all a) badly dubbed, and b) shown at very odd times, and c) you wouldn't want to touch a German one with a bargepole. I just have vague, pleasant memories of the sitcoms of my youth. But, nevertheless a good idea. One of the SATC girls has a baby. There have been poo jokes. And years ago there was that series Thirtysomething. Perhaps a mixture of the two? But whatever the good intentions, make sure it's a bloody good script.


See Honey.......Liz says mothers actually have sex!

Okay....we're in!


Guess what....

The contracts are signed!


Oooh, waiting for more info! Release as you can :)

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