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Tuesday, July 20, 2004



Careful, they might start a campaign against mother......BAM. Bush against mothers!


I love the new look. :) I have bookmarked this site. I just don't get how moms can be for Bush. So many people just follow what their parents did rather than really looking at the issues.


I just found out that my sister, a mother of two, is a Republican. She's manic. And bipolar. Her husband is a major in the Air Force. She walks around the house referring to Bush as "my bushy-bush Bush."


Thanks for putting this up about MOB.org. I'm the Sister City Host(ess) for Firestone, Colorado. Unfortunately, I'm in very Republican Weld County, but I've got my MOB bumper sticker on my car and my MOB button on the diaper bag, so in my own little way I'm getting the message out. Everything helps, I guess.

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