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Thursday, July 22, 2004



Good for you!!! Can't wait to

One thing I was just fussing about the other night was a show on during supposed family time on ABC. Within the first 5 minutes, it was slap-full of sexual remarks and such. 8PM is supposed to be the family prime-time hour. Now, I am very open to all kinds of stuff, but I hate a show marked as family that includes all of that.


Congratulations - but, I always knew that you'd pull it off :o)


Pet Peeves: Working mothers are always around & happy despite the fact that they are successful high power career women who could only get that way if they spent 60 hours/week at the office.
Child care never seems to be an issue. Either there is abundant extended family to help out or it just doesn't come up.
Women make personal sacrifice after sacrifice without the slightest hint of ambivalence, regret, etc.
Husbands & wives often don't seem to really like each other (this is why I could never get into Everybody Loves Raymond)
Money is never an issue and even if it is, everything always works out in the end.
They always get the beautiful little baby they want (or 2 or 3)
All the women are always so pretty & thin. Just once I'd like to watch a person age naturally.
Parents are either non-existent in their kid's lives or so "cool" you can't tell whose the parent & whose the kid.
Just when things are getting a little boring & stale the answer is always---let's introduce a new baby into the show!


I cannot stand the shows that seem contrived which to me is 90% of the sitcoms on tv today. I just can't stomach watching them and I used to be a sitcom junkie. I hope this goes well for you. I've been told I should write sitcoms based on my blog but I wouldn't have the foggiest regarding how to go about it. Good luck to you.


Come on, you better tell your TWIN the news!


Hmmm sounds exciting. As for pet peeves & family sitcoms, I have no comment. What working mom truly has time to watch 'em?


How exciting! Petpeeves are sitcoms written for people with the brainwaves of a slug. And they seem to be wall-to-wall sexual innuendo. I'm not a prude but too much is just too much. I also don't care for smart-alecky kids. Kids can be bright and witty and funny without making the whole thing about how dumb parents are. And not all husbands spend all their time trying to escape their families in favor of watching sports and/or jumping the hot female neighbors. The wife is usually a shrew (Everybody Loves Raymond). I am a lifelong TV addict but there isn't a single current family sitcom that I can stand to watch. The Osbournes (first season) and Nick&Jessica are more entertaining than any of them.


I completely agree with Anne Whitney, today's sitcoms are written for idiots. If I accidentally tune in to one and start watching, I can feel my brain cells melting. It's PAINFUL to watch these shows. Honestly, I'd rather watch reruns of Roseanne (which I hated when I was single and childless, but appreciate now), Cosby, The Simpsons or classics like I Love Lucy or The Andy Griffith show.

Another thing that bugs me about today's sitcoms is that the gorgeous, thin, smart trophy-type wife is married to a bald, fat guy with a blue collar job. In real life, those women would be married to rich successful bald and fat guys.


I can't wait to hear all about it! It sounds really incredible. Pet peeves? How long do you have? lol


My pet peeve would be stupid dads and/or stupid parents. Come on, we're smarter than the kids *most* of the time, right? Also, kids get away with a hell of a lot on tv. Where's the punishment?
I'll also second (third?) the couple who doesn't like each other. Why'd they get married?


I don't watch sitcoms much any more, so maybe this trope has (finally) died a merciful death, but I hate family sitcoms with no mom, and especially the ones with more than one dad. (Gay parents are ok; you know the ones I mean...) And then, yes, the ones with the trophy wife and fat working class husband are really annoying too. And the couples who don't like each other. But the ones with no moms at all probably still bug me the most...


The only chance I would watch a parenting sitcom would be if it were DEEPLY cynical. I cannot abide warm and fuzzy. It is simply done to death. I would prefer a really scathingly cynical approach that ironically reveals, soley through its obsessive focus on parenting, that the child is in fact truly treasured. Something along the lines of the tone of "Irony Central" (http://www.ironycentral.com/index.html).
In fact, dude just got a book deal, so maybe you all could get HIM on board.


I agree with everything that's already been said, but my biggest pet peeve is the hack formula. You know, person A says something ordinary, then person B fires back a lame one-liner, and the audience laughs. Repeat, repeat, repeat. And I REALLY hate all the whoopng from the audience. I don't like the smart alek kids, or the father always being treated like he's a total nincompoop. The truth? I haven't watched a sit-com all the way through in years, and those I have watched --and enjoyed-- were those that had no studio audience.

Congrats BTW!


Its really okay to screw up and grope in the dark for a way to be a parent. Sitcoms are missing realism.

The Zero Boss

I'd like to see more sitcoms where the dad is an effective parent. The only sitcom I can remember where the father was strong and had a firm hand in raising his kids and resolving conflict was The Cosby Show. From Roseanne to Everybody Loves Raymond, TV dads have been parenting no-shows.


I used to like "Seventh Heaven" until it finally got a little too stupid and right wingy for me. I watched it for seven seasons, because I got an escapist sort of thrill from watching such a warm and fuzzy family, so unlike my own.


Oh yeah, and I also like "Reba." It's weirdly similar to my own family situation. My dad left my mom for a younger woman, and I think the show explores some interesting family issues. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think Reba's pretty good as a comedic actress. When the show began, however, I was uncomfortable with the message that a teenage girl should marry the first loser who knocks her up. But at least the guy took responsibility, so I guess that's good.

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