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Saturday, April 03, 2004



I thought the commercial was sick and I didn’t even know it was Dylan. I wondered, why are they showing pedophilic fantasies on television? What’s up with the little girl in her underwear and angel wings making eyes at the dirty old man? Then my husband exclaimed, “Do you know who that is? Bob Dylan!” He was outraged, let me tell you. Uh, huh. Come to Uncle Bob, little girl...

T'Mershi Duween

He always said he would; he announced his intention to sell out to "ladies garments" in a 1965 press conference. Go see him when he is in town... his shows are still fantastic!


you have no idea what you're talking about. Why do you feel that you have the right to decide what Bob Dylan should or shouldn't do? You're a phony, and positively 4th street. Good day.


And you're a stupid poopy head luke!

Don't you feel like you're dealing with third graders when ignorant retarts come to your site and comment on one posting all indignant about something. Hey Luke, get your head out of your ass! This is my blog and I post my opinions. You weren't invited here, so as crazy Tom Cruise would say - F*77-off!

Susan Church Payne

I was looking for Gothan Lingerie, a company from 1965. I did an ad campaign taking lingerie into nightwear on the street at the fountain in Central Park. Does snyone remember?

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