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Hi Liz,

I've given a lot of thought to what you've written and what we've talked about, and I have two cents to offer :) I think one important way to express love is to really listen to the other person (partner, child, friend, etc.) and make it a practice to not respond immediately - to refrain from the temptation to get into the rapid-fire back and forth of questions, negative comments, assumptions and defensive positions. I think many of us are guillty of slipping into the pattern of hearing the first couple of words, assumimg what's coming next, and then we begin formulating our response without truly hearing the other person out. The other person often perceives this as "you're not listening to me" or "you're always critical of what I have to say" - even if we don't perceive our questions or comments as critical or dismissive. This is a lesson I had to learn over time. I haven't perfected it, but I've worked on it - a lot. Sometimes keeping my impulsive comments or questions to myself - and giving myself time to really hear and process what has been said has kept me from engaging in unnecessary bickering and petty arguments. Occasionally that moment of silence gives me the time to ask, "Do I WANT to be RIGHT more than I NEED to be HAPPY?"



Robyn, I agree with you completely. So many of us want to be right (and I'm not excluding myself). I too am learning is that maybe we can both be right. What is is that makes us think everyone must see things exactly the way we see things?


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