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Friday, August 12, 2005



That's a cool post, and very true.

Are you having a crisis of confidence right now?


That was a very good read. I feel pressure to blog and all I have is a stupid little blog about my son. Grandmas can be real bitches if you don't post pics everyday for them to see how junior is doing.


I saw that on another blog and read it. I think it should be mandatory reading. My first go-around at blogging, I let the pressure of it get to me. This time, it's all about me, and enjoying it. When I stop enjoying it, I'm done. No pressure.

I hope you work through this. I really enjoy your blog.


Every other blog is more clever than mine.

Sometimes I re-read posts on my own blog and just think, "How incredibly amateurish!"

Then someone leaves a nice comment and I'm rejuvenated. Or something even nicer happens, like a magazine sends me a humongous check for a few of my blog posts... That'll keep me going for years. Of course, it's all downhill now.

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