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Saturday, April 17, 2004



Hmmm... A hidden market. What types of products do you think would appeal to blogging mothers?


big dirty *grin*


I couldn't agree more!! I blogged about sex toys just this week. Hehehehehehe! I'm not sure I've blogged about my kids once in fact. Hmmm, maybe once.


Too true. I'll have to show this post to my wife.

I started out with the idea of blogging about soo mundane things, but the really important things I wanted to express were rated R+, so I got a new anonymous blog. We blog about things that we're too uptight to talk about.



I really enjoyed this post and look forwad to hearing more. I've been following Jay around... haha... just kidding, actually I've followed some of the links he's posted on his and kitti's blog. I have been blogging for two years now, originally starting out as a way to communicate with a couple of old high school friends that took the high road and went into college. As for myself I chose to settle down, marry and have a family, feeling that I would pursue an education and a career later in life. One day recently while "blog-hopping" I ran into a blog that interested me, a man who met his wife on-line. Well that's how hubby and I met and we are 8 years in the making now, six of them married, with three children under 4. I'm 24 years old and I'm not going to be some zombified soccer mom that never has sex with her husband. I discovered a whole network of blogs regarding sex, marriage, child rearing, and the whole bit of honesty and intensity with which these people write opened the flood gates for me. It has been a compelling means of working out issues a little on my own first in order to better communicate with my husband, and it has helped me connect to see that I'm no alone. I tried this with the message boards on some of the baby sites, but found them to be nothing bu a huge unproductive bitch fest involving some of those "zombified" mother personified women. Anyway, I do think corporate America would be shocked at the down to earth nitty gritty stories that you would find, but hey, that's the bloggers secret.

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